We are here to help, you and us together.

Your Impact

Your Impact

We help people in need, both in the Czech Republic and the world. When floods strike or fires break out, we are there to repair the damage and to comfort those who have been affected. If natural disasters occur or war conflicts erupt, we are there to secure water, food, and a roof over the heads of the people who need it. We take care of the ill, keep company to the lonely, build schools and educate. In impoverished countries, we provide chances for a better future and we help people to get up and stand on their own two feet, so they can lead a dignified life. Our mission is to change the lives of people all around the world for the better, a task that is only possible thanks to the kind help of our donors.


To have someone to talk to, to laugh with, and to share what is weighing down on us. For some people a given, for others a precious gift, like children in children’s homes, lonely seniors or those who are chronically ill, disabled or mentally impaired. This is where our volunteers come in. Through our volunteering centres, located across the country, we connect those willing to help with those who need it. And so much more. We run our ADRA charity shops, organize events for our volunteers, help the refugees from Ukraine, arrange corporate volunteering and develop volunteering activities abroad.

Charity shops

Do you have clothes, furniture, or household items that you no longer need? Would you like to see more people helping each other in your town? Donate all the items that are in good condition to our ADRA charity shops and, in return, choose something you like for yourself. You will help the planet and simultaneously support one of our volunteering centres. The funds raised through the sales help us finance and further develop our volunteering activities, they allow us to help the elderly, children, and people who are disabled or chronically ill. Besides clothes, shoes, books, games, CDs, stuffed animals, tableware, and cookware, also electronics, bed linen and blankets are welcome, basically anything you have at home and no longer need. It can still be of use to somebody else.

Humanitarian aid

Whenever needed, we are here to help – you and us together. When floods and earthquakes strike, landslides occur, fires break out, war conflicts erupt or even during an unexpected epidemic, we are always ready to help. ADRA is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the Czech Republic and part of an international network of organizations which operates in more than 100 countries. These partnerships allow us to react quickly and help directly where it is needed. Both in the Czech Republic and the world. Read more about our humanitarian project in Ukraine or about our humanitarian assistance in Ecuador and Peru.


To receive an education is to have a future. Education opens doors to new opportunities and broadens horizons. It allows people to stand on their own two feet and get better jobs and housing. That is why we support the education of both children and adults, in the Czech Republic and the world! In developing countries, we help children from low-income families go to school and grow up in a healthy environment. As to adults, we support them in acquiring new knowledge and skills. In the Czech Republic, we focus on explaining global topics and issues to students and the general public. We believe that every one of us can help make this world a better place.

Our longterm projects

BanglaKids is our long-term development children sponsorship program. We provide education to children and young people from resource-poor families in Bangladesh and strive to improve their living conditions. Thus we help to alleviate poverty and suffering. Chalantika is an education centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which provides education to the poorest children living in a slum. It also works with parents of the children, for example, it offers courses in literacy and workshops on social topics.


Support their family and stand on their own two feet. That is the dream of millions of people who have lost their homes or all resources. We do everything we can to fulfil this dream for the largest number of people possible. We help all around the world to support those in need, people who have lost all sources of livelihood and a roof over their heads due to natural disasters or war. We offer employment, resources, and know-how, primarily in the fields of agriculture and construction. We repair essential infrastructure, educate, and engage local communities as much as we can so that they benefit from our activities in the long-term.


Preventing illnesses is far easier than treating them. And that is our primary goal in the area of healthcare. Our mission is to make sure that there is enough drinking water and quality food; we build water lines, water tanks, and sanitation facilities. We provide training in the fields of hygiene and nutrition; we build and operate hospitals. And, when natural disasters and other emergencies happen, we are there to provide healthcare and medical supplies.

our longterm project

The project called Itibo is located in the south-west Kenya where we run a medical centre of the same name. It is focused on providing healthcare to local people, increasing the quality of healthcare and educating medical staff.