EU Aid Volunteering

Online Event

Getting Ready for Volunteering on Humanitarian Projects

Have you ever thought of trying international volunteering? Or are you simply interested in how it is to be a volunteer on a humanitarian project? Join us online on 5 October 2021 and find out more from us and 9 organisations worldwide.

The ADRA Czech Republic has a long experience with humanitarian projects around the globe and domestic volunteering projects. Starting from 2020, we work towards connecting those two fields and sending volunteers to our projects. Join our event and learn what is volunteering in a humanitarian context about.

It all started with us becoming part of the project Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering supported by the EU Aid Volunteers Programme by the European Union. Together with 9 organizations from all over the world, we learned how to set up processes for sending and hosting volunteers. We found out a lot about the role of mentor, safety procedures, or volunteer selection processes. Thanks to this cooperation, we acquired certification that allows us to send volunteers to international humanitarian projects.

Join our online event on 5 October 2021, 13:00 CET. We will talk about what volunteering in a humanitarian context means or how an organisation or a volunteer can become part of the programme. We will interview a volunteer live from the project and give you an opportunity to network with hosting and sending organisations from around the globe. We will not forget to mention the new European Solidarity Corps programme and how to acquire the certification there.

Getting Ready for International Volunteering

Would you like to become a volunteer on a humanitarian project? Are you interested in the experience of those who have already tried it? Or do you represent an organisation aiming to send or receive international volunteers? Join us and find out more!